Friday, September 6, 2013

Prim dried Pineapple~Directions

I hope this helps those interested...
Compliments of "A Simpler Time - Blog"

 I will be making more...soon.
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  • Carefully cut out a round hole at the bottom of your pineapple.
  • I used an ice-cream scoop and scraped out the pineapple innards'.
  • Be very careful NOT to go too far into the outside skin, as this will weaken the shell.
  • Now is the time to generously salt the entire inside of your pineapple. 
  • Next, firmly stuff the inside with paper towels.
  • Set your oven at the lowest heat possible.  
  • Place pineapple on a baking plate in the oven.
  • Checking periodically and after several hours when the skin/shell is dried, remove the paper towels.
  • I then waded up some tin foil and replaced the paper towels to maintain its shape and not collapse in on itself.
  • Place back into the oven.
  • When you think it is thoroughly dried, remove from oven, let it stand on its own and allow too cool. 
  • Remove foil or do as I did and leave the foil in for several more days or weeks.  This is your option. 
  • It probably took about 16 hours for this process.  Depending on your oven, pineapple size and ???
~ ~ ~
Have FUN & ENJOY as I did.

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God Bless America