Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Basket of Memories" is fini !

This was so much fun ... Reward of Merit Pincushion
I used chenille trim around the edges.
Filled with ground English walnut shells.
It will be given as a gift to one of my girls.

The picture has to be re shot as the
night time lighting is not good 
and I prefer to not use the flash.

 Hmmmm ... What a difference ... 
#1 - I used incandescent lighting...
#2 - just natural light from the good ole sun.
I doo believe I like the warmth in #1 Best.

Anyways, it is a delightful pattern from 'Blackbird Designs'.



Jan Conwell said...

Actually I think the picture is beautiful!

bayrayschild said...

It's beautiful Barb and so is the picture!

Hugs, Audrey